About Craig Brandt

Craig Brandt was elected to the State Senate in 2012, after serving as the Vice President of the Rio Rancho Public Schools Board of Education.  Since being elected to the state Senate he has sponsored 4 pieces of legislation that have become law.

As a member of the Senate Education committee, Senator Brandt continues to fight for the highest quality education for all of our children. His common sense approach helped him protect students who were faced with having to drop critical classes for PE as a result of a bureaucratic rule change. Senator Brandt’s swift action and subsequent PE credit Law kept students on track to graduate, and protected future students from having graduation requirements changed on them after they entered the ninth grade. Senator Brandt’s PE credit bill also returned control of this area of education to the local school board.

As a member of the Senate Public Affairs committee, Senator Brandt has fought for the protection of our Constitutional rights, as well as for limiting our government’s intrusion into our lives. Senator Brandt has carried several bills dealing with the issue of Driving Under the Influence in our state. This year he carried a DWI reform bill that would have brought all DWI laws into one Act, and would have taken misused alcohol taxes and used them for mandatory treatment of DUI and DWI offenders.

As your state Senator, Craig Brandt will continue to bring common sense to the roundhouse. He will continue to represent the strong Constitutional conservative values that you believe in and that you elected him to stand for.

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